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What was The Collabative? Well... I'm glad you asked, or are at least curious. The Collabative was the result of a wave of energy, enthusiasm and passion that started in 2012 at a place called The Creative Center in Greensboro North Carolina. The impetus and momentum for what brought The Collabative into existence came out of the experience of producing a monthly open mic / featured artist event called "The Showcase Of Original Music", which highlighted many very talented local musicians. It was so rewarding to see performers and audience alike enjoy their unique perspectives and experiences and share them with us so earnestly. The "fever" was catching, to the point that when The Showcase had to shut down, Melody Watson, who had also been a production team member, and I were not willing to let the whole thing just die. 

Not only that, there were many ideas about how it could expand, grow and include many other art forms and venture to different venues. There seemed but one thing to do; start a company. And that is about how much critical thinking went into the birth. There was a general "it is bound to succeed" kind of feeling so pervasive that any though to the contrary was easily swept aside.

For 2 years things went pretty well. From a live-audience perspective, they went spectacularly well. It's hard to convey just how talented an array of artists we were able to work with. The events and performances were stellar. But, with a production team of two individuals and personal funds financing the events, stresses and strains began to crack the infallible frame of mind that had fueled the fire thus far. While there was still much desire and plenty of fodder for continuing events, as well as a number of friends whose much-appreciated volunteer hours helped spur us along, the efforts for sponsorship, or finding donors and other help were getting nowhere.

Soon, it was pretty clear that things just could not continue on the path they had been on. Reluctantly, the notion began to filter into conversations that it was a glorious but futile journey we were on. While we were busy promoting and producing other artists, we were slowly sinking into a hole of debt and exhaustion. So, in 2015 The last live show was presented and The Collabative quietly went into hibernation, though it does still produce "The Talk Of Teronus" for the time being. Which brings its own set of stories!

There could be more to the story one day, but that is not something on any minds at this writing. If it does rise again, trust me, you will know. Hope you look around, we did some good stuff and though it was hard work, it was a lot of fun too! And created some spectacular friends in the process. We should all be so lucky...

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