Now that you are here, I hope you will spend a few minutes and look around.  My schedule can be found to the right in the side bar, as well as on its own page in the navigation bar above when you click on "Calendar". My blog - when I get myself back in that frame of mind - will let you know what's brewing in my world more currently and then there are pages that will give you a glimpse of where my journey has taken me over the last few years. Interesting times.

Life is about evolution and I am doing my share , so just what lies ahead is still uncertain, as it has always been quite frankly. I am a true "live in the moment" kind of person and have never sat down to plot out a course or develop a plan of action. That might sound foolish to many of you, but I have managed to survive while doing things that give me pleasure and will stick to that as long as I can!

Happy browsing. I encourage you to interact, message me, ask me a question, suggest a place where you think I could perform in the Piedmont area of NC (or beyond for that matter) , or do sound. I am all ears.

Things are a little different around here. Hopefully it will be easy to find what you're looking for. If not, please don't hesitate to reach out. Or search here:

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