Welcoming Hanz Araki - Celtic Music with A Japanese Twist


If you are an avid follower of Celtic music and the performers in that world, then the name Hanz Araki may be known to you. if not, let us help get you familiar. Hanz is a world traveled, seasoned performer who has garnered many accolades for his talent on the Shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and more recently, the Penny Whistle (tin whistle) akin to the recorder or Native American flute of which we are most familiar. 

How does one become a master of the Japanese bamboo flute? You could take lessons, or... you could be born into a family steeped in generations of bamboo flute history. Hanz is short for Hanzaburo, the name of his great grandfather who developed the notation used in Shakuhachi - Japanese flute -music today. Hanz studied under his father Tatsuyo kodo Araki, himself a fifth generation master. "KODO" is one of the most important names in Japanese music and is inherited through a tradition of accomplishment. Having taught in the same University as his father and performed many concerts in Japan, the world awaited and Hanz was ready to broaden his horizons.

Returning to his hometown of Seattle Washington, the area where the Irish side of his family put down roots, Hanz joined friends there to put together a band doing Irish and Scottish music, known as The Whyos. His prowess on the Shakuhachi translated nicely to the Penny Whistle, a staple of Celtic music. His transformation into an accomplished penny whistle player, singer and Celtic music expressionist since then has taken him on tours across countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Japan to name a few. And soon... he will be performing his amazing music just for us. Well... we mean YOU of course! The show is October 3. All the details are here.

Here's a little taste of the penny whistle...

Plan on joining us on October 3? Then read more about the event and RSVP here.