And The Winner Is...


It's a pretty cool feeling telling someone they've won something. We've had our first experience with that moment as we have informed three of our followers who bought raffle tickets for the abstract artwork painted by artists Wayne Epperly and Amber Stone in September as part of our "Canvas and Keys" event, that they were winners. The first time was a total spur of the moment adventure as we showed up at Mack and Mack unannounced and completely surprised Robin Davis as she greeted us at the door by handing over her painting. The expression on her face as we snapped her picture said it all.

We took advantage of another moment during the show at Sessions with The South Carolina Broadcasters and Nikki Talley to announce the second winner. Once again we managed to surprise one of our staunch supporters, knowing he would be in attendance,  by calling out Frank Orthel's name from the stage.  Another little twist on that night which made things even more meaningful was that we were able to acknowledge Wayne Epperly presence during the presentation as he was among the audience members there for the show. He seemed quite happy to be a winner, don't you think?

There is one more moment yet to come. Though there will not be that element of surprise since our last recipient already knows she has won, there is still the anticipation of waiting for it to be delivered. We have a little road trip to Chapel Hill planned for next week to transport the third and final painting to its new owner Susun Coleman Miller. An update about our visit will come soon after we return

Each of our three winners and all the others who participated in the raffle have our deepest gratitude.  Their participation helped generate funds for the artists and for The Collabative.

Canvas & Keys - a sliver


We didn't know quite what to expect when we announced our first Canvas & Keys event, but we did anticipate something big. For us, the magical part was setting four artists loose and seeing where they ended up. In front of the audience's eyes, Wayne Epperly and Amber Stone, with no plan at all, and having never met before, created the painting you see below. And the grooves laid down by Luguzy Atkins and Matthew Parrish rounded out the improvisational vibe of the night.

In the next day or two, we will have more of the story for you. Raffle tickets to win one of the 3 paintings created Saturday night will go live here on our site very soon. For now, we just wanted to show this sneak peek and say thank you to everybody involved. 

Exploring The Observer Effect


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Perhaps you've heard of The Observer Effect. No? Well, here's what Wikipedia has to say about it, in its most simple terms: "In science, the term observer effect means that the act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed".

The Collabative wants to explore The Observer Effect in action with our next event. We invite you to come observe and have your effect as we present a night of improvisational music and art.

On Saturday September 7th at 7:30 pm at The Nussbaum Center in Greensboro, NC, you, along with many fellow observers, will have the opportunity of influencing the outcome of spontaneous musical and artistic creation taking place that night at our "Canvas & Keys" event.

When our featured musician, Luguzy Atkins, settles in behind his keyboard, he and his band-mates will have no music to follow, no set list to read, or any other plan other than to begin playing and see where the Muse and you the audience takes them. The same goes for fine artists Wayne Epperly, Kathy Brusnighan and Amber Stone as they begin to paint the blank canvas before them, feeding off the artistic energy of everyone in the room during the evening's performances. It will be a night of total improvisation with your engagement in the process being one of the key ingredients.

Just imagine yourself moving around the room, watching, listening, up close and personal. Imagine yourself interacting with musician and artist alike as they create, talking with them... Then, who knows? Maybe you'll decide to take a paintbrush in your own hand to make your mark on the paper we'll provide for those inspired. We at The Collabative live by the motto "Dwell in possibilities," and this night will have its share. The only way you'll know for sure what happens and experience the observer effect in person is to be there. Your presence and participation is the kind of possibility we like best. See you there!

More Details Available Here