Ranford Almond, former Showcase of Original Music participant, returns


We are pleased to welcome back an old friend to perform for us. Back in 2012 when The Showcase of Original Music (the precursor to The Collabative) was in full swing, we had an open mic participant who made an instant impact on the audience the night he performed. His name?... Ranford Almond and he will play the opening set for the Hanz Araki Celtic music show starting at 8pm on October 3, 2014 at The Creative Center in Greensboro.

As a young boy Ranford wanted nothing more than to play the guitar but there was no guitar small enough for his four year old hands. Instead he started learning to play the violin. Eventually he grew to be "guitar-sized" and his wish finally came true. With an instrument he could sing along with, he blossomed into the singer - songwriter that was the source of his dreams. Call it a knack, or raw talent... both are true to some extent, but to that he has applied hours of practice and attention to the song crafting process along with the help of his father David Almond. That four year old is now in his teens and has the stage credentials and performing experience of artists much older and more involved in the local music scene. You might call him an "Old Soul" for his song writing and delivery speak like a person who has put in more time on this earth than his age attests.

See a little of Ranford's story in the video below...

We know you'll love this budding artist. Read more about the event and RSVP here.