Debut event declared "hard to top" by audience members

Our first event was filled with claps, gasps, laughs, dancing, foot-tapping, rocking-in-seats, and just an all-around great time by everybody in the room. How honored we are that our very first show was able to present not only Channing and Quinn but also Dave Fox and The Draves of Meldavia. These are some spectacular musicians, folks.

Click here to see some incredible photos taken by Christopher Lubinski. We were grateful to have his artful eye on hand for our very first event.

Many thanks to all who came out to support these musicians; we hope to see you at upcoming creative events hosted by The Collabative. 

And finally, many thanks to Robin and John Davis of Mack and Mack Clothing for hosting this night of spectacular music. What fun it was to put on this show with you. 

A wee video to announce our upcoming show on June 15, 2013!

Just for fun, a little video montage to tell you about our debut show at Mack and Mack clothing in downtown Greensboro.

Click here for a preview of the kind of music we're expecting to hear from Dave Fox and The Draves from Meldavia! Or is it Dr. Drave???

And click here to preview some of the sounds of Channing and Quinn! (Not from as far away as Meldavia, sure, but Nashville is an impressive distance, no?)