Talk Of Teronus airs its newest episode featuring Annalise Stalls


Take two quirky Meldavians a.k.a. Wezo & Drave, posing as would be musicians and otherwise professional humans, put them together in a room with their various guests and other musicians and watch what happens. "The Talk Of Teronus" does just that, providing lively chat with interesting and talented guests like jazz saxophonist and composer Annalise Stalls, featured in the newest episode, who is promoting her new CD "Music For Mounds". The talk may be fun and you may get a dose of culture from the "dramatic readings" portion of the show, but the real deal is when it gets down to the music. Wezo & Drave, along with Chuck Cotton on drums (or Chip Click who sits in for Chuck on this episode), and Roger Kohrs on bass, make up "The Talk Of Teronus Rimshot Band" to back up their guests as they collaborate on a live performance. This time it's..."Sunny Moon For Two" showing off Annalise's skills on the soprano saxophone.

There are 15 previous shows that you can browse here. Curious to know more about "Mounds"? go here.

Surprising one raffle ticket winner


So we stopped by Mack & Mack on Thursday to drop off a surprise to Robin Davis. 

Somebody was happy... 

We raffled off the 3 paintings that were created during our Canvas & Keys event, Sept 7, and Robin bought several for her favorite. After the drawing, we decided it would be fun to reveal the winners in various, surprising ways. So while the people who were there for the drawing know (maybe we'll tell you about that sometime, too!) know, you'll have to wait a little longer to hear about winners of number 2 & 3. 

Thanks Robin, and thanks to everyone else who showed their support by buying a ticket or coming out to an event. And a special thanks to the whole team who came out and made the music and paintings to make this possible. Check them out and learn more about their art.

Stay tuned for more fun and games on the raffle front!