Talk of Teronus, The 1st Super Jam, & Our Video-Recording Ironies


We could have hardly imagined that video recording would become a significant part of what we do as part of The Collabative. Why? you may ask. Well... having now produced roughly 24 shows over the last 2 1/2 years, video recording them and getting results that we can be proud of, or even "settle for", remains a major challenge. It's just not something we've excelled at, where live events are concerned.

Talk of Teronus Super Jam, Musicians from left to right: Roger Kohrs, Chuck Cotton, Max Drake, Wezo, Scott Sawyer & Dave Fox. Photo by Melody Watson

So, when we got the invite from Wezo and Drave to produce their show "The Talk Of Teronus" there was, as you might imagine,  a momentary hesitation. Even reluctance. What tipped us in favor of going ahead is not easily recalled, (though you can be sure it had something to do with the laid-back attitude of the show's hosts and the fact that they not only interview guests who are spectacular musicians, but these folks are nice, too!) Still, suffice it to say that the decision was a good one and the experience has been positive all the way around.

Season One is in the books and Season Two will officially begin September 1, 2014. In the meantime the guys - Wezo and Drave - brought some of their mega-talented musician friends together for what they are calling a "super jam" and we thought we'd let you have a look.