Transforming an empty gallery for our first "house concert" style show featuring The Martha Bassett Trio


The photos in the slideshow below were added March 31, a day after this blog post was published. Thank you to Marie Tretiakova for capturing the evening for us. We're working on a new photo gallery page for this site and when that goes up, you'll see even more shots from this evening's event.

Aside from a few sporadic moments throughout the day and evening, I broke with personal convention and barely picked up my camera at last night's first show ever produced by The Collabative at The Creative Center. Maybe it's because the music was that good. Maybe it's because there was so much happy energy in the room. (Yes. This is going to be one of those effusive bubblegum and unicorns and fairies posts. If you were there, you'll get it. If not, sorry we missed you.) The "maybes" stack up, but regardless of the reasons, we took far more memories and good feelings away from last night's show than photos. Still, I'll show you one, shot on my iPhone, when I broke my trance and clicked a few from the far side of the room:

A full house enjoys the sounds of Martha Bassett, Sam Frazier & Pat Lawrence on March 29 at The Creative Center

Shooting this scene thrilled me as I realized, once more, that we'd been able to so fully transform the room in the way Kris had first described to me months ago. As intended, our volunteers helped us turn an empty expanse of The Showcase Gallery into an intimate listening room in which a specific kind of magic happened.

Aside from the beauty of the music, which began with guitarist Drake Duffer at 7:30 and ended with The Martha Bassett Trio who played until after 10pm, my recollections of the night include only affirming punctuations:

  • 75+ people grew still and quiet for long stretches, in thorough enjoyment of the art that was unfolding before us,
  • The noticeable lack of ego in that space that lasted from 2pm until we walked back out of a room that looked just like we found it, approximately 10 hours later.
  • The appreciation of all who attended, for what was being created at The Creative Center,
  • An array of food so complementary and variety-filled that one person who hadn't realized guests were invited to contribute to a potluck-type opening spread, asked with awe, "Who did you get to do your food?"

An intermittent photo pops up on Facebook here and there today, and we're hopeful a few others will turn out. If they do, we'll share them with you later. Among the things we're looking forward to learning to improve upon will be recreating an intimate setting while better lighting the stage. We'll have a chance to test out what we learn between now and May 6! Photographic evidence notwithstanding, there is no way to imagine the music having been one iota better than it was last night. Thank you Martha Bassett, Pat Lawrence and Sam Frazier. Thank you Drake Duffer. Thank you to all who attended. Thank you to the incredible friends who helped us out from beginning to end and all the minutes in between. Thank you to The Creative Center. It was the perfect night to kick off our 2014 show season.

Can't wait to see you when we bring The Rough & Tumble and Nikki Talley with Jason Sharp on May 6!

Martha Bassett Trio show confirmed: Come join us on March 29


The Show Is On!

Sometimes when you pose a question, waiting for the answer is like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve. We waited impatiently for a little over a week while folks weighed in on whether they liked the idea and if they could come. By the deadline Friday, we had enough RSVP's to book the show and that made the waiting all worthwhile. 

Now we are all set to enjoy a night of great music with The Martha Bassett Trio and guitarist Drake Duffer! Though we reached our attendance goal, there is still room for you if you haven't made up your mind yet. If you're planning to come to this show or you want to be notified of upcoming shows we're considering, use the form on this page to let us know of your interest. (Plus it would be great to know how many people we can expect, when we set up the room.)

All Details About the Show Can Be Found Here

Please invite a friend if you know someone who would enjoy Martha as much as you do and thank you for stopping by.

The Martha Bassett Trio, Photo by Sarah Howell

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They're talking in Teronus

The Collabative has been having a great time helping to produce the new "talk show" from Wezo & Drave known as The Talk Of Teronus. The first installment just went up at Youtube and we thought you might want to check it out. Stay tuned for more from these two happy-go-lucky hosts. They are sure to be informative and entertaining blending their own unique personalities with those of their Mega-Uber-Talented guests as they share chat and song.