A Night Of Stories & Song - In Retrospect


A nice thing about the house concert style performance at The Creative Center, is the room layout is such that just about everyone is pretty close to the action. And those who attend are gracious enough to be quiet and attentive. This made the perfect format for "A Night Of Stories & Song" featuring Sam Frazier, Molly McGinn and Lawyers Guns and Money. Each of the acts gave the audience the back story behind the music pieces they presented. Left to our own imagination, we might create all sorts of scenarios that could explain the lyrics of a song, or we might scratch our heads and wonder indefinitely about what the writer was trying to say.  On this night we got to know the story, hear the song and understand the writers better. You can't ask for much more than that! More of the individual personality of each of our talented musicians was on display as they interacted with the audience. Case in point, one of our writers was a little reticent about speaking, even using the word ambivalent to describe their feeling. It would be easy to assume that someone who plays in front of hundreds even thousands of people would hardly be nervous or self-conscious, but that is not always the case. Despite the discomfort, they managed to do just fine and the crowd let it be known with their applause. Sam Frazier showed his humorous side with songs like "Genius" from his CD "Half A Million Years". Molly McGinn gave us selections from her upcoming CD "Postcards From The Swamp" and Lawyers Guns and Money previewed "I'm Walkin' " their contribution to The Healing Blues Project which you can see in their video further down the page.

It was another great night of local original music talent supported by followers of The Collabative and we'd like to thank the The Creative Center and YOU... for your presence and contributions! Stay tuned for news about our August 19th show, which will be another "first" for us.

Enjoy "I'm Walkin'" from the show (thank you Doug Mokaren):

A Night of Stories & Song: June 20, 2014


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Have you ever heard a song and felt perplexed about what the writer was trying to say? Or wondered how some songs come to be written at all? Well, here's a chance to hear the back-stories that are rarely heard while gaining a little more insight into what the song-writing process is all about, at least as far as our guests artists are concerned.

Friday June 20th will be a night for song-writers Sam Frazier, Molly McGinn and the guys from Lawyers Guns & Money, (featuring the song-writing team of Terry and Janice VunCannon) to tell some stories about the songs they have written and perform them for us. You will be up close and personal as Sam and Molly will both do short sets of their original music and then the trio Lawyers Guns & Money will play in a more unplugged format featuring Terry VunCannon on guitar and vocals, Steve Headen on bass and vocals and Mike Thomas on percussion and vocals. And as a special treat, Sam and Molly will sit in with the band to finish out the night.

It will be a unique opportunity to hear all of these talented performers, separately and even more so performing together. We are excited and grateful to have them with us for our 3rd show of 2014. Click here to read all the details and hear some of the music by these talented folks!

On Having The Blues...


Terry Vuncannon, Photo by Bob Powell

By: Kris Ferris

In many folks' minds, having the blues means something rather sad or dark, but that was not the case for us at The Blind Tiger on November 8, 2013. In fact, there is nothing quite like the raw sweet tones of steel strings caught by the distinct pick-ups of a Fender Stratocaster, crunched through effects units and amplifiers and then projected by an impressive sound system to get your heart pumping and your body grooving. Well, okay... it may be a guy thing or a guitar player thing, but if you were among the crowd  for the Joanne Shaw Taylor show, you know what I mean.

Stratocasters where the guitar of choice on this night, starting with Lawyers Guns and Money and the crisp, clean, signature tones rendered by Terry VunCannon. Terry has tailored a sound with his mint green Strat that is readily identifiable as his own. With long-time drummer Mike Thomas holding down the rhythm section and doing vocals and the addition of Steve Headen on bass whose voice can belt, or croon, depending on the mood, Lawyers Guns and Money has gone to the next level and the folks in attendance for their set let them know it. The night signaled a new beginning for them and was the first of many gigs that will prepare them for their appearance at the IBC competition in Memphis Tennessee in 2014. We wish them the best of luck!

Joanne Shaw Taylor, Photo by Bob Powell

With her hair pulled back and street clothes on Joanne Shaw Taylor managed to maneuver through the crowd at The Blind Tiger with practiced stealth, barely unnoticed by even the ardent followers gathering before her set. Her down-to-earth personality and casual manner made interacting with her earlier in the day during load in and sound check a truly relaxed and pleasant experience, which is not the case with every artist. But, once the hair came down, make-up was applied, stage clothes donned and her own Strat tuned - though she would switch to a Les Paul at times - this woman was all business and immersed herself in the music from the very first note. Her uniquely British-flavored voice, in a register uncharacteristically low for a woman, was never-the-less a perfect match to her rocking blues guitar style. With the culmination of each tasteful rhythm, emotional lyric, or blistering lead Joanne would come back to reality, open her eyes and smile genuinely through the applause, hollers and whistles from the audience. She kept the pace escalating through her ninety minute set showing everyone why she is a rising star in the blues world and the pride of England.  She was enticed back to the stage by the unanimous calls of "Encore!", before bidding Greensboro farewell.

What a great night and appropriate way to wrap up our events for 2013. A deep and heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported us along the way. On to 2014...

Two Days Till The Blues

Joanne Shaw Taylor with guitar.jpg

Terry VunCannon, Steve Headen and Mike Thomas A.K.A. Lawyers Guns & Money

"Two Days Till The Blues" might be the title of a great blues song, or a prediction of impending depression, but in reality it's neither. Instead it is a reminder that Friday November 8, The Blind Tiger will light up with the energy of two great blues acts. First local heroes Lawyers Guns & Money. will take the stage at roughly 9 pm. This powerful trio will have the crowd on its feet and clearly show why they will be bound for Memphis next year to represent our area in the yearly I.B.C. Blues Competition, having won the local Blues Challenge at The Flatiron a few weeks ago.

Got a few more minutes on your hands? Well, 8:22 to be exact. Then check out a recent video of our headlining lady from England, Joanne Shaw Taylor, as she performed at The Pour House in Raleigh, NC. back in June of this year. Joanne puts everything she has into her performance and it comes across in the music as well as the response from the crowd. The best way to experience both of these fine acts is live and in person, so make plans to be there! Tickets are still available online.