A Night Of Stories & Song - In Retrospect


A nice thing about the house concert style performance at The Creative Center, is the room layout is such that just about everyone is pretty close to the action. And those who attend are gracious enough to be quiet and attentive. This made the perfect format for "A Night Of Stories & Song" featuring Sam Frazier, Molly McGinn and Lawyers Guns and Money. Each of the acts gave the audience the back story behind the music pieces they presented. Left to our own imagination, we might create all sorts of scenarios that could explain the lyrics of a song, or we might scratch our heads and wonder indefinitely about what the writer was trying to say.  On this night we got to know the story, hear the song and understand the writers better. You can't ask for much more than that! More of the individual personality of each of our talented musicians was on display as they interacted with the audience. Case in point, one of our writers was a little reticent about speaking, even using the word ambivalent to describe their feeling. It would be easy to assume that someone who plays in front of hundreds even thousands of people would hardly be nervous or self-conscious, but that is not always the case. Despite the discomfort, they managed to do just fine and the crowd let it be known with their applause. Sam Frazier showed his humorous side with songs like "Genius" from his CD "Half A Million Years". Molly McGinn gave us selections from her upcoming CD "Postcards From The Swamp" and Lawyers Guns and Money previewed "I'm Walkin' " their contribution to The Healing Blues Project which you can see in their video further down the page.

It was another great night of local original music talent supported by followers of The Collabative and we'd like to thank the The Creative Center and YOU... for your presence and contributions! Stay tuned for news about our August 19th show, which will be another "first" for us.

Enjoy "I'm Walkin'" from the show (thank you Doug Mokaren):