Raffle Tickets: 3 abstract paintings created live at Canvas & Keys


Of course you know by now that our event on September 7 paired musicians with a flair for the spontaneous with fine artists who love the blank canvas... with a little mystery hanging overhead. You probably know that this was our least programmed, most improvisational event to date. Intentionally so!

But did you know that at the end of the night, thanks to the hard work of painters Wayne Epperly and Amber Stone, and musicians Luguzy Atkins and Matthew Parrish, we had in our possession 3 complete paintings that are now being raffled off to some lucky winners?

Just ask
this person

Winning art
in a raffle
is awesome fun!

We want some lucky winners to be at least as happy as ***that blogger friend of ours, so not only did we sell tickets at the event on September 7 but we're also selling them on our site, here, and through the end of the month.

We opened the night with faith in these artists, in the creative process, in the inspiring power of shared, collective energy, and we knew that whatever was created on September 7 would be magnificent. We were not disappointed.

You can buy tickets any one of two ways. One ticket for $5, or three tickets for $10. There are 3 separate purchasing options: #1, #2, and #3 will get you a ticket for the corresponding painting. And we've set up some promo codes to discount multiple orders. Read about that over here.

On September 30, we'll draw the winning ticket. Sometime just before midnight.

About the Paintings

Each abstract was painted on a 24" x 36"  canvas using acrylic paints. The sides of each canvas has been finished with a coat of solid black.

For those who prefer to see art in person, our friends at 900 16th Street have agreed to hang the paintings just inside the entrance to The Creative Center's gallery. You can go over and see them hanging on the wall. But you don't have to drop by in person. If you prefer to shop online, this page is for you.

We hope you buy the winning ticket!


***Does "that blogger friend of ours" look familiar to you? Take another look. She'll be involved in one of our upcoming shows! 

Announcing Brushes, Body & Beats on October 26, 2013


Click to learn all about it! 

While we've been discussing many possible events with a wide range of artists, both local and from outside our area, some of the programming we're working on is less typical than others. The event we're announcing tonight is among the most exciting we've put together to date.

On October 26, we're bringing you live music plus body painting, plus one of the more surprising venues we're working with. At a really big tattoo parlor, our event will feature this collaboration with one more twist. The body being painted is not not a professional model - or even an amateur model, for that matter - but a professional writer who happens to also be an endurance athlete with several marathons to her credit. We were elated she said yes and we can't wait to see what happens when this mix comes together.

We've put up all the details over here on the Brushes, Body and Beats event page, so go there now to learn all about it. And stay tuned for more to this story in the coming weeks!