Debut event declared "hard to top" by audience members

Our first event was filled with claps, gasps, laughs, dancing, foot-tapping, rocking-in-seats, and just an all-around great time by everybody in the room. How honored we are that our very first show was able to present not only Channing and Quinn but also Dave Fox and The Draves of Meldavia. These are some spectacular musicians, folks.

Click here to see some incredible photos taken by Christopher Lubinski. We were grateful to have his artful eye on hand for our very first event.

Many thanks to all who came out to support these musicians; we hope to see you at upcoming creative events hosted by The Collabative. 

And finally, many thanks to Robin and John Davis of Mack and Mack Clothing for hosting this night of spectacular music. What fun it was to put on this show with you. 

New Channing and Quinn song from the night we fell in love with their music - AND with them

It was at Brad and Tammy's Listening Loft in Reidsville, NC that we finally got to hear what all the fuss was about when people mentioned Channing and Quinn. (And it had begun to seem that people we'e always mentioning Channing and Quinn to us.) I bring up the location first, not only because house concerts are awesome (and this one among our favorite venues for hearing live music,) but because telling you I was sitting all cozy on somebody's couch gets me off the hook for the quality of my video. Ta da! 

But only the quality of my video. The song - a new one entitled "Wayward Shadow" - is awesome. And if you listen long enough, you'll get to hear one of my other favorite sounds. Which happens when Channing does that high-tech, magical thing with her voice and I get to see my first live-and-in-person looper in action! Which is to say that right there before our eyes, we got to hear her voice in harmony with several other tracks of her own voice!  I want one of those.

Maybe we'll get to hear this song again - or another one that features the looper, just for fun, on Saturday night, and if not, all is not lost. Since, we get to hear THAT voice. Live! With Quinn's accompaniments using all manner of instruments. They're such a great pair and this weekend you can hear why.

Bonus 1: Not only do they "music make fun" but they're just really neat people we're so proud to feature at our event. Because we think nice is cool.

Bonus 2: Did you catch the part about how we also have a musician whose body may or may not be inhabited by a non-earthling, during the set to follow this duo? Seriously. Dave Fox and The Draves of Meldavia will finish out the night, compounding the treats you're in for at the show. Which is, did we mention, limited seating, so we encourage you get your advance tickets here.

Bonus 3: That's Sue Sassmann in the audience, to the left of the video above. You might enjoy checking out her beloved Fairie Festival - Greensboro Summer Solstice - happening the very next weekend in Lindley Park! Where you can hear lots MORE awesome live music, this time for free.



A wee video to announce our upcoming show on June 15, 2013!

Just for fun, a little video montage to tell you about our debut show at Mack and Mack clothing in downtown Greensboro.

Click here for a preview of the kind of music we're expecting to hear from Dave Fox and The Draves from Meldavia! Or is it Dr. Drave???

And click here to preview some of the sounds of Channing and Quinn! (Not from as far away as Meldavia, sure, but Nashville is an impressive distance, no?)

From Meldavia to Nashville: Announcing The Collabative's Debut Event

After reading that title, it wouldn't be surprising to find Google being a little embarrassed when searches for "Meldavia" come up short. Perhaps the best kept secret in the Cosmos, Meldavia is only known to us through "Dr. Drave", a body-stealing, mind-blowing, music-playing mischief maker who dropped into Dave Fox's body about nine years ago. The word on the street is that Dr. Drave has left the building, but it seems that Dave Fox is not so sure. There's still reason to believe that Dr. Drave returns unexpectedly and the only way to know for sure is to be wherever Dave performs. Your next chance to do that is coming up June 15th, 2013 when Dave and his band (are they all possessed?) will be appearing at Mack and Mack in Greensboro, NC. We are certainly hoping to get a glimpse of the Maven from Meldavia, but either way, it's going to be a great set of music, you can be sure.

To get the night started, we are very excited to bring a charming duet "Channing & Quinn" to the stage from the music city, Nashville. This couple - they are now officially engaged - offer up insightful, thought-provoking and sometimes playfully-dark lyrics accompanied by an array of instruments played by both. Hey, you might even see a little tap dancing, or hear a Kazoo solo. They might even happen at the same time! Channing and Quinn are seasoned song writers and performers, personable both on stage and off. We are certain they will be a new addition to the playlists of many of you after hearing them.

Not only is Mack and Mack known for "beautifully designed women's clothing with comfort, ease and great style all rolled into one" but they've also built a solid reputation in Greensboro for hosting remarkable musicians on their stage.  We're honored to partner with them for our debut show.

And last, but naturally not least, we are excited that poet Adrienne Christian agreed to be our emcee for our first music event. We look forward to having this lively woman on our stage to facilitate the night's flow, and expect you'll enjoy her, as well.

Tickets are on sale now with limited seating availability, so get yours today!