A Night Of High Achievers: Brushes, Body & Beats


We are thrilled to tell you that our body painting artist for Brushes, Body & Beats, Cheryl Lipstreu, has been crowned the winner in the "Emerging Artist" category at The Living Art America Body Painting competition held recently in Atlanta, Georgia! In fact between Cheryl and Matty Sheets who is in every band known to Greensboro, (not really but it seems that way) it will be a night featuring high-achievers and one you won't want to miss. We'll have more to share about our participants over the coming weeks, but we thought we'd start you off with a piece written by Cheryl that tells the story of her introduction to body painting and how it has evolved for her.

The Painted Painter And How My Adventures In Body Painting Began

By: Professional Artist Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

I grew up on an Arabian horse farm in Belews Creek, North Carolina. At a very young age I began drawing, and when introduced to oil paint at age 10, fell in love with painting and the art of making art. Ever since I've continued painting as both a lifelong passion and a professional career.

In May of 2011, I met International Artist World Champion Body Painter, Madelyn Greco, in a figure drawing group where we struck an instant friendship in our conversations of a mutual love for Art and Color. It was at that time, that magical moment when I asked Madelyn if she'd like to paint me and my horse Peanut one day and she immediately jumped at chance and we did the painting the following week. It was not only my very first experience with body painting but possibly one of the most magical moments of my entire life. I simply fell in love with the entire experience of Body Painting when this Painter got Painted.

Since that first meeting with Madelyn, I've helped to assist her and Scott Fray of Livingbrush Studios however much I could. From posing as a model for their International Competition in Daegu Korea, (click then scroll down a bit for photo) to painting alongside of them for the various functions and performances they do, I've gathered a strong sense of how body painting came to light as its own unique and stylized art form. Its rarity, its overtly glorified essence of divine artistic incarnation drew me to it like a moth to a flame and I can not deny its appeal or future within my own artistic destiny.

Now I employ weekly body paintings into my schedule and am looking forward to participating in many events and competitions that are just on the horizon. This new and incredible world of art and art appreciation in the divine human form has embraced my career with a new path; a new beginning if you would of an old art. An art as natural and as magnificent in quality as it is in individuality in which I feel best an opportunity of self expression. What a wonderful world to belong to! I hope you can share in the experience of this world to see the color live while I am painting in person at The Collabative Event on Oct 26th! My paintbrushes will be waiting!