Talk Of Teronus with Wezo & Drave featuring Benjy Johnson now showing


The boys from Meldavia (Wezo & Drave) have talked and jammed with yet another notable Piedmont North Carolina area musician, Benjy Johnson. We were there to capture the chats and the music and are now pleased to share it with you.

Working should be this much fun for everyone! While the day of filming can get long and repetitious in some ways, the camaraderie, banter, informative chat and awesome live jams make it all worthwhile and very rewarding. It is an honor to be among so many truly talented and delightful creative folk.

Check out this month's episode with singer, song writer and Earthtones Recording Studio owner and technician, Benjy Johnson as he talks with the guys and they collaborate on one of Benjy's tunes "Devil In The Vinyl". Check out all the previous episodes here, if you missed any of them. Don't forget to subscribe to The Collabative's YouTube channel and see each new episode as they are released!

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A Taste Of The Blues


Maybe you heard about the recent blues competition at The Flatiron in Greensboro, but couldn't make it. Or..., maybe you weren't aware of it and so don't know what you missed. Well, we can give you a glimpse of what went on there as well as a teaser for the Joanne Shaw Taylor show at The Blind Tiger on November 8.

First check out some images captured at the Flatiron on band competition night provided by our friend Doug Mokaren. Scroll over images for info.

And the winner is... (photo by Bob Powell)

Now, here are several tracks from Lawyers Guns & Money, the winners of the band competition and on their way to Memphis to compete there next year. The band features three super talented and highly respected local blues musicians, Terry VunCannon, Steve Headen and Mike Thomas. That they will compete in Memphis is totally cool all by itself, but here is an even cooler thing in our minds, they are also the opening act for Ms. Taylor and we are honored to be able to bring them to the stage that night. It's only a few weeks away so get your tickets early through our secure ticket purchasing link.