Talk Of Teronus begins its 3rd season with musical guest David Bolton


There is a planet out there in the vast galaxy known as Teronus. Some of its inhabitants have found their way to earth, mingling amongst us, posing as humans, while they consider whether they like it enough to stay here, or if they will just take the things they like about Earth back to incorporate into the Teronus lifestyle.

Dr. Drave is rumored to be one of those beings (though no one has been able to prove it convincingly). Drave has become enamored with the music of earth and its performers. Disguised as a talk show host, he and his cohort "Wezo" (also from Meldavia in Teronus), seek out musicians and have conversations and jams with them as they study the creative talents of earthlings.

They are heading into their third season of internet shows and we at The Collabative are proud to to say we have intergalactic connections! Tune in to the quirky, funny, brilliantly talented stuff you will find in each episode. This season's kickoff was led by an interview with David Bolton. Check it out!

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Videos from October's Hanz Araki performance in Greensboro, in anticipation of Thursday night


As Thursday's event gets closer, we get more excited that we get to hear The Hanz Araki Band again, right here in Greensboro!

In anticipation of the event, May 14, 7:30 at Mack and Mack, we thought you'd enjoy seeing a couple of pieces from their October show at The Creative Center. It's a total coincidence that both the tracks selected have stories featuring women and ships. Enjoy!

Learn more and buy your tickets to Thursday's show here! (Deleted link, later.)

The latest episode from the Talk Of Teronus features Sam Frazier


Over the last 12 months we've been producing an internet talk and music performance show featuring hosts Wezo & Drave called the "Talk Of Teronus". The latest episode, which you can view here, highlights one of Greensboro's favorite guitarist, singer, song writers; the one and only Sam Frazier. It's snappy repartee, killer music and more.

Among other things, Sam gives our hosts the lowdown on an event coming up Saturday December 20th, 2014 called "Piedmont Songbag" at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro beginning at 7 pm. Based on what Sam shared here, it's gonna' be a great time!

We love collaborating... got something in mind?? Get in touch!

Talk Of Teronus Season Two Begins

Talk of Teronus with Neill Clegg

Talk of Teronus with Neill Clegg

The scene is already a bit chaotic as we enter the Mega Tone Amps Tone Lounge. It's a Sunday, a day when the lights are usually out and the array of custom made amplifiers, speaker cabinets and other electronic gadgetry all rest in silence and darkness. But, not today. Today there is a bustle of activity as music equipment, cameras, clothing, laptop computers, tripods, video and audio recording devices enter in the grasp of a growing number of people, each busy attending to their appointed roles and responsibilities preparing to shoot new episodes of the Talk Of Teronus. Sounds like a well oiled machine right? Well... you don't know the hosts, Wezo & Drave and the rest of this crew very well then. Libations are already circulating, jokes and one-liners are being slung faster than anyone can keep up with them and in the midst of the madness there is the now customary question "Now, what did we say we were going to do last time we talked?". The next sound you hear is the oil can being kicked out into the hallway. Here's a few behind the scenes photos...

Actually, it is the chaos and fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants atmosphere that makes producing the Talk Of Teronus so much fun. Lord knows it's not fame or fortune. Still, it's hard to imagine having a better time, with any better bunch of talented, funny and just down right good people than when we get together to film the T.O.T. show segments. We are proud to be collaborating on this project and happy to see it begin season two. Here's show # 1 with guest Neil Clegg. Hope you enjoy!