Word Search Puzzle 3: Live Music & More


Click here for a printable pdf of this puzzle. 

Have you enjoyed our word search puzzles so far? We recently published the first two in this initial series of 3 puzzles. Here's the first. Here's the second. 

In keeping with our belief that there's creativity in all of us, and one of the traits of creative people is that they're still in touch with some part of their inner children, we're putting these puzzles out for the kid in you... or you can print them out for your favorite young person. 

We also hope you'll take a few minutes to click over and see the connections we've made between the people, places and terms (including musical instruments played at our shows - lots of those ended up in this 3rd puzzle) in the list below, then go check out the related sites of any artists or musicians or venues we mention. The words in the 3 columns you see here are the ones for which you'll be able to search in the puzzle. They include artists who have perform or who will be performing at one of our upcoming shows. (The first 6 events are included in this first series of puzzles.)

We hope you had fun with these. It won't hurt our feelings one bit if you decide to share them with a friend. Although we're promoting a series of dated events, some upcoming and some now past, the puzzles will never cease to be workable. So, long after these events are happy memories and we're all anticipating another set of acts, you can still print these out for a bit of fun. 

Mack and Mack
Open Mic
Nathan Myers
Lee and Susan Terry
Chip Newton
Sarah Osborne
Annalise Stalls
Zen Poets

Evan Ringel
Paint Brushes
Jason Sharp
Ed Whitfield
The Draves
Ivy Sheppard
Body Painting

Dena Harris
Wayne Epperly

Click here to print a version of puzzle 3 that includes the solution.