Word Search Puzzle 1: Live Music & More


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One of the things creative people have in common is the ability to hold on to that quality others sometimes refer to as childlike. May we all stay in touch with our inner children.

We're introducing something new to our offerings - Word Search puzzles. For the children in all of us. So whether you're into these puzzles, or you print them out for a young person you know, we hope you enjoy today's freebie.

The words in this puzzle, as well as in two more forthcoming puzzles, draw from our first six shows. Whether the name of a performer, a venue, the name of our event, style of music or art produced, musical instrument or other related term, we've compiled a list of 81 words and phrases. Then the 81 were broken into 3 groups, and from those groups, we've created the puzzles like the one you see here!

To help familiarize you with the creative people and bands we're featuring, and the supporting venues, the words featured in each puzzle are also included below with links where appropriate, to help clue you in, a bit, to how they relate to The Collabative.

Enjoy! (And if you don't see a name or term you're expecting, hold on... we have 2 more puzzles in this series, and all the words are mixed up together.)

In This Puzzle:

Luguzy Atkins
Original Music - We♥
Dave Fox
Spontaneous Art Making
The Broken Parts
David Sheppard
Roger Kohrs
Canvas and Keys
Chris Reed

Dr. Drave
Amber Stone
Brushes, Body and Beats
Charlton Provatas
Shana Tucker
Open Air Music Affair
Nikki Talley
Summerfield Community Park
Abstract Art

Daniel Faust
Greensboro College
Matthew Parrish
Matty Sheets
Greensboro - Where we are.
Beer Garden
Cheryl Lipstreu
South Carolina Broadcasters

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