Who IS coming to play at our debut show?

There's been a bit of mystery - some say even controversy - over who, in fact, will be playing the piano at The Collabative's debut show. Our timing in booking one of the acts for the June 15 show at Mack and Mack Clothing couldn't have been better. It coincides with a new video series entitled "Remembering Dr. Drave" which asks local music lovers to share their recollections about the phenomenon of the Meldavian, Dr. Drave, inhabiting the body of musician Dave Fox. Who will show up at Saturday's show? Your guess is as good as ours! We're excited by either prospect.

This video excerpts part of an interview with John and Robin Davis, the proprietors of Mack and Mack, who reflect upon the first time they heard that Dr. Drave of Meldavia had inhabited the body of Dave Fox. 

Mack and Mack has long been known for creating stunning apparel for business, travel and occasions. We were elated when they agreed to provide the location for our first event, and you'll probably "get it" even more when you watch this piece. Not just because it's fun to shop in the boutique, and hang out with Robin and John, but also because of their love of great music. In fact, many residents of Greensboro have come to associate the store with music as well as fashion. This is largely because of the lineup of musicians who have played at Mack and Mack through the efforts of Triad Acoustic Stage. Now in its 6th year, Triad Acoustic Stage has hosted an outstanding range of performers. This trend continues with its two upcoming June 29th shows featuring the beloved Alice Gerrard, known as a tireless advocate of traditional music. If you're free that night, you won't want to miss this show. Order your tickets early as Triad Acoustic Stage shows routinely sell out in advance.

But before that? We hope you'll order your tickets to The Collabative's June 15, 2013 show with Channing and Quinn, followed by Dave Fox and The Draves of Meldavia.

We're excited about both sets of musicians. Sure, hailing from Nashville may not be quite as mysterious as originating on another planet. We decided not to hold a little thing like proximity against Channing and Quinn. Like we did with Dave Fox and The Draves, we completely fell in love with their sounds when we first met them. Click here to learn more and hear some clips.