The Undermanned String Band Joins In On August 19th Klezmer Band show.


Sometimes ideas take a long time to come to fruition. Patience is a virtue that can be in short supply in that process. Fortunately, we were able persevere in our efforts over the past year to find just the right musical situation to feature The Undermanned String Band, the opening act for August 19th show with Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer band. Click here to learn all about the show.

The idea came back to us while working on another project The Collabative has been involved in called the "Talk Of Teronus". Hosts Dr. Drave ( a.k.a. Dave Fox) and Mike "Wezo" Wesolowski have an internet talk / music show featuring local and regional musicians that is produced by The Collabative. As luck would have it, Chip Newton - one of the members of the band - was scheduled as a guest on their show which was shot recently. It's hard to ignore the signs when you all end up in one room together. So, we broached the idea with Chip,  who conferred with his musical partner Carey Harwood and they said yes. Just like that a year later, we finally found the right situation for them to perform. We know you'll be glad we were able to work that out! Have a listen to the video below:

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