Thank yous & photos from The Collabative's 11th show, August 19, 2014


It's Like a Roller Coaster Ride

The rhythms of this business of show production are much like riding a roller coaster. The behind-the-scenes work that goes into the promotional pieces and the communication that gets the word out to our supporters, is much like the slow climb of the group of cars to the top of the first, and usually highest point of the ride. Once the blogs on our website, Facebook and other social media have been written, posted, shared and the newsletter goes out to our tribe, that's the point when the cars go over the crest and start their rapid decent which gives them the momentum for the rest of their crazy route. The days that follow working up to the event, are like the turning, twisting and undulating that goes on throughout the rising, falling, turning track that hold the cars in place. This is when we deal with the almost always unexpected questions, details that were innocently overlooked, last minute changes, additions and finger biting, hoping for a good turnout. The night of the show is like clearing the last of the hills and turns and coasting into the platform and feeling the reassuring lurch as the brakes bring the cars to a safe and gentle stop. The first few days after an event are much like walking, a little wobbly-legged away from the experience with a mixture of awe, fatigue and elation accompanied by the thought "boy that was fun, but do I want to do it again?". Any roller coaster fan knows the answer to that question. "Hell yes!" and so, it's back to the line to wait for the next ride. Now that we've regrouped enough to share these photos with you, we're starting to pull details together for our October 3 show.Stay tuned!

Thank You for Taking the Ride with Us

We'd like to thank you, our audience for being part of "the ride" by your presence at our latest show on August 19th for Klezmer music from the Boston-based band Ezekiel's Wheels, along with the jumpin', jivin' good time fun of Chip Newton, Carey Harwood and Roger Kohrs, otherwise known as The Undermanned String Band from Burlington, NC. Both of these groups put on a stellar show at The Creative Center in Greensboro that night with a brilliant mixture of talent and personality. Your attendance gave them the attention, response and camaraderie they deserve and your donations were appreciated by all the performers. When it all comes together, it is a hell of a good ride, wouldn't you say? THANK YOU for helping us be able to do what we love and aspire to. Please tell your friends and bring others into fold. Till next time... ride on!

Oh... and it would be remiss of us not acknowledge our volunteers and assistants for this show who were Peg Parham, Debra Stephens from The Creative Center staff, Russ Allred, and Arianna Ferris who was the hostess for the evening. Each of these fine people made the event go as smooth as silk. We love them and their efforts. Special thanks to my co-producer Melody Watson, who brings the story to life with her graphics, photography and video recording and a host of other talents. Finally, thank you again to Crystal Bright for connecting us with Ezekiel's Wheels; without her prompting, we'd almost certainly have just told you a very different story.