Sparks: Broken cupcakes lead to creative impulse


I don't know if I will ever understand what turns a mundane activity like getting into one's vehicle into an "Aha" moment. I AM beginning to understand that it's not really important TO understand such things. Recognizing them, acknowledging them and honoring their arrival is all that truly matters.

What creative idea does this image spark for you?

So, with keys in hand and mind engaged on some thought that had absolutely nothing to do with the activity in progress, I had already placed one foot in the vehicle and was about to finish that not-so graceful move when my gaze was drawn to the asphalt between the parked cars. Two cupcakes, with wrappers still intact, lay face down - icing smeared - inches apart from each other, looking very much forgotten. Any other time my reaction would have been to shrug my shoulders, think a silent "Hmmm" and return to the trance my mind had entered. But... not this time. No, instead I found myself freezing mid-motion and carefully observing these two anomalies with some wonder and curiosity. It was that curiosity that led me to ask myself "I wonder what the story is there?" if only briefly, before getting into my van and moving on.

Those two little cupcakes and the question repeating itself in my head as to their story stayed with me long enough to bring me to the "Aha"  moment mentioned a few lines ago. It occurred to me as I drove towards home that if such an image could invoke curiosity in me, perhaps they could be sparks for creativity in others. I imagined posting such a picture online and inviting creatives of all sorts to interpret the image in whatever way moved them or via the art form of their choice. Perhaps such images and similar snippets could be sparks for creative exchange and community. Maybe they could be catalysts for someone who has been experiencing a creative block? Maybe they would inspire others to contribute "sparks" of their own for people to imagine and be motivated by? It seemed like some wonderful possibilities were opened up by an otherwise random observation and as such worth putting out there.

That's the thing about creativity, isn't it? If you choose to move through life looking for opportunities and possibilities, your inner creativity will often know how to turn something potentially mundane into something else. Something with artistic potential.

So, welcome to Sparks.