The Instagram learning curve & our October 5 show at Sessions... with a few pics


IMPORTANT NOTE: Since originally posting this, the entire block of photos seems to have disappeared. Until time permits me to pursue yet another round of troubleshooting, I'm going to embed our main feed from The Collabative's Instagram Feed. We'll try to get the hashtag-driven version back in here asap. Or maybe I'll move it to the bottom in hopes that it will return on its own. Technology's fun like that. #keepingmeonmytoes

At the wedding we attended Friday night, our friends had placed a simple sign near the guestbook sharing a preselected hashtag for any Instagram users so that our collective images from the night could be shared with each other. We'd heard about this before, and decided to try it out for our October show. And by "we" I mean the more geeky, girl-type representative of The Collabative team. (Who has, incidentally, only very recently jumped on this fascinating photo-sharing bandwagon.) Hi there!

It wasn't a very "Instagrammy" crowd, and that's totally fine. More than that, I didn't do a great job of spreading the word. I keep running out of time. Also, I'm still figuring out the best widget to use to make sure ALL our shots tagged with #SCBandNTonOct5 will show up, and not just those added to The Collabative's Instagram feed. Still, I'm not daunted. Some folks might just want to add their shots after the fact!  That would make this collection way more interesting. For now, enjoy the learning curve with us and please keep sending us your patience as we find fun, new (and efficient) ways to help tell these stories!

Meanwhile, if any of you are super-users of this fascinating technology and have any pointers or recommendations of your favorite app or widget for rendering hashtag-based collections of images shot by various users, please send 'em this way! 


  • Thanks to Nikki Talley and Jason Sharpe and The South Carolina Broadcasters for coming out to play for us. What an incredible night. We'll have more (and better quality) shots to share pretty soon.
  • Thanks to all of the music-lovers who came out to help us enjoy this homecoming event. 
  • As is our custom, we have a way different kind of show coming up next. If you find it intriguing, we hope you'll come out on October 26.
  • And after that, yet a totally other different kind of show on the horizon! 
  • The photo in the banner features instruments belonging to The South Carolina Broadcasters as I noticed them waiting on the stage after the show. So pretty...
  • Allen Tyndall & his team at Sessions, bless you. 
  • Annette, Tia and Bill, bless you equally. By show time sometimes I get a little stressed and forget to make sure you know how much I appreciate you.
  • If you are an Instagram user, you'll likely find it much more efficient to search for pics using #SCBandNTonOct5. Still, we appreciate SnapWidget for providing this service free of charge. Ads-n-all.
  • We usually publish a blog post and leave it alone. This one will probably change. If I discover a better way to present these images the way I want, I'll clean it up. Disclaimer over... have a nice Sunday! 

Melody Watson 

(For those who didn't read the note at the top, what you'll see below is either the feed for pulling in all images tagged with #SCBandNTonOct5 - which inexplicably disappeared - OR a hnkin block of white space. Either way, this isn't our typical blog post.)