Martha Bassett Trio show confirmed: Come join us on March 29


The Show Is On!

Sometimes when you pose a question, waiting for the answer is like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve. We waited impatiently for a little over a week while folks weighed in on whether they liked the idea and if they could come. By the deadline Friday, we had enough RSVP's to book the show and that made the waiting all worthwhile. 

Now we are all set to enjoy a night of great music with The Martha Bassett Trio and guitarist Drake Duffer! Though we reached our attendance goal, there is still room for you if you haven't made up your mind yet. If you're planning to come to this show or you want to be notified of upcoming shows we're considering, use the form on this page to let us know of your interest. (Plus it would be great to know how many people we can expect, when we set up the room.)

All Details About the Show Can Be Found Here

Please invite a friend if you know someone who would enjoy Martha as much as you do and thank you for stopping by.

The Martha Bassett Trio, Photo by Sarah Howell

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