Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band - The Boston Connection


We first considered booking Ezekiel's Wheels through the recommendation and urging of Crystal Bright of Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands. Then... after listening to the music, we knew we just had to! But what sealed the deal for us was the fond memory of another band from Boston. Here's the story:

Back in February of 2013, The Showcase of Original Music was beginning its second year at The Creative Center in Greensboro. The Showcase was the precursor to The Collabative. We were pleased with our progress getting the word out both on the streets here locally, as well as through the internet. More and more people were beginning to find us from farther away. One such group was Occidental Gypsy. They were considering a gig at a different popular local venue that February, but after finding us online and reading about The Creative Center and what we were doing there, they wanted to know if they could be considered as a featured artist. Well, a discussion with the committee made it clear all were in favor and excited about the prospect of a touring band wanting to be on our stage. That too was scheduled for a Tuesday night, as will be with our show featuring Ezekiel's Wheels. When Occidental Gypsy hit the stage that night you could see jaws drop and everyone was fixed on their entire performance. There were raves for weeks after they had moved on.

So you see, the Boston connection came into play for us once again. The fond memory of wonderful opportunity we took advantage of back then and the reward it gave all of us, committee members and audience alike led us to believe that this show was meant to be, in much the same way as was the one that took place that night.

We're also excited to have been able to secure the local band, The Undermanned String Band, as our opening act on August 19. Read more on that, here!

Please go here for event details.