Behind the Scenes at The Collabative; Week One After Launch

It's been a while since we've posted anything here. We thought we'd say hello and update you on some of our progress. We are having a blast and learning to juggle better than ever before. And communicate with each other better. And make better lists.

They say "You get out of something what you put into it." Well... we have been happily putting in everything we think it will take to get The Collabative rolling, now that the website and Facebook page have been launched. Turning thoughts into words, words into actions and finally, actions into results is exciting, energizing stuff which is like high octane fuel for the soul. Here are some of the things we have had the satisfaction of checking off of our ever growing "to do" list:

  • In-person conversations with local musicians and venue owners,
  • A conference call with possible collaborators on an event we'd like to do in a few months,
  • And online messages with the hopeful performers in question,
  • Phone conversations and emails with other area folks who want to discuss collaboration opportunities - not just related to music!
  • Editing work on a fun video collaboration with a musician,
  • Editing work on a different video interview (also fun!) with a different local musician,
  • Research and writing for creating the content that will soon help us launch our Creative Resource Project,
  • Press Release writing,
  • Responding to congratulatory emails, (thank you for your awesome, kind words!)
  • Creating, and editing the forms on our site that will best enable us to gather information from you,
  • Creating the appropriate lists that will help us automate the collection and archiving of some of the requests and ideas we've received from you,
  • Endless brainstorming sessions,
  • More research to learn more about things that emerged while brainstorming,
  • Emails with The Godsend who listed our event on some online calendars,
  • Emails to clean up an inexplicable error in an online listing nobody can find the origin of,
  • Selling tickets,
  • Sharing our flyers with those who asked if they can pass some out for us,
  • Emailing copies to those who asked if they could share it with some friends,
  • Researching affiliate opportunities to help pay for some of this work and benefit creatives at the same time,
  • Working on getting a Twitter presence started, (please be patient; we'll get better!)
  • Explaining what The Collabative is,
  • And that it's not a typo,
  • Going out to hear live music by musicians whose work we love, to stay involved,
  • Ongoing communications with those involved in making our June 15 event a reality. Bless you all!
  • Drafting and editing and more behind-the-scenes work on website content that will make this site truly useful - and fun to visit!
  • Listening to more, more, more amazing indie music.
  • And etc...