Adding some paint to the mix: The Collabative is planning 2 events that include live music while artists paint


Maybe the most challenging part of putting on two of our upcoming events will be making sure the musicians aren't worried about paint on their instruments. Careful planning and stage setup should take care of that. Such a consideration never came into the mix when planning live events in the past. Nonetheless, it's on our radar now!

The Collabative is putting the finishing touches on plans for two unique events we're convinced our community is going to love!

  • The first event involves canvas, three artists, paints, a live band... and You! What is created at the hands of our artists that night will be completely unplanned, so your participation will help shape how the night evolves;
  • The other event involves two artists, a model whose body serves as canvas, a groove band... and once more, you. Our live audience, along with the remarkable talent on stage, will make this the truly unique event we're envisioning.

Participant details, venues, dates and ticket information are coming soon. (The more people involved, the more loose ends there are to tie up before we can tell you everything.) Nonetheless, we're feeling confident enough to tell you this much. Plus, it's just too exciting to keep to ourselves.

Meanwhile, check out our Events page to read about the two events we've scheduled during the 17 DAYS Arts & Culture Festival.