A Night of Stories & Song: June 20, 2014


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Have you ever heard a song and felt perplexed about what the writer was trying to say? Or wondered how some songs come to be written at all? Well, here's a chance to hear the back-stories that are rarely heard while gaining a little more insight into what the song-writing process is all about, at least as far as our guests artists are concerned.

Friday June 20th will be a night for song-writers Sam Frazier, Molly McGinn and the guys from Lawyers Guns & Money, (featuring the song-writing team of Terry and Janice VunCannon) to tell some stories about the songs they have written and perform them for us. You will be up close and personal as Sam and Molly will both do short sets of their original music and then the trio Lawyers Guns & Money will play in a more unplugged format featuring Terry VunCannon on guitar and vocals, Steve Headen on bass and vocals and Mike Thomas on percussion and vocals. And as a special treat, Sam and Molly will sit in with the band to finish out the night.

It will be a unique opportunity to hear all of these talented performers, separately and even more so performing together. We are excited and grateful to have them with us for our 3rd show of 2014. Click here to read all the details and hear some of the music by these talented folks!