Acknowledgements To my Muse,
or wherever the music comes from...

Thanks! I started out thinking I would do my whole first CD, Private Passion, on my own. Well, it became apparent over time that I needed to get my ego out of the way and enlist the help of the talented people I call friends . I would not be writing this without their contributions. I feel it is only right to give them special thanks.

Peggy Burke: For coming to my rescue with funds that would allow me to complete my project through the printing and reproduction stages.

Susun Coleman: For being one of those rare friends who loves and accepts unconditionally. Also for your truly unique vision and talents. And for all of you input and support.

Bradford (Brad) Reaves: For getting the Tascam 2488 recorder in my hands through your willingness to trust me with making payments. It has been the key that unlocked the door. Robert (Bob) Spencer: For taking the tracks I gave you and mixing and mastering them into something I can be proud of. Also for your musical input on the keys and sax.

Terry Vun Cannon: No one else I have ever known can "feel" a song like you my friend. I doubt anyone will believe me when I say you had never heard any of the tracks until the day we recorded and you still nailed them . And for the guitar synth.

Amber Marlowe & Jimmy Gatewood: My fellow band members in Windfall are also good friends. Thanks for adding your touches to "Doin' the best that I can.

Family and friends: You all know who you are. For supporting me, encouraging me, urging me on and just believing in me... I say thanks, though that hardly covers it.

And a very special thanks to Brenda Williams for her "Quiet Sounds" wave which was embedded in this recording.