My First CD: Private Passion

About This Recording

Kris Ferris with his guitar.

This CD has been a dream in the back of my mind from the time I started writing my own music back in 1976. As with many musicians, my first thoughts were of "making it big" with a record deal. Then as the years went by I, like many others, realized that stardom was not meant to be. So, the starry eyes lost their lofty sight, but the heart held on to the dream. It seemed all the pieces never quite came together at the same time. There was either time and equipment but no money, or money and equipment, but no time. Well, you get the picture. Finally through the graciousness of a friend or two, I found myself with all the things I needed to make a selfrecorded and produced CD at home.

The Songs

Private Passion is available for instant download through iTunes. Tracks include:

  • Click to download through iTunes.We Will Sing
  • Private Passion
  • Don't Wait
  • I'm The Man
  • Routine Procedure
  • Caribbean Fantasy
  • And Then Some
  • Another You
  • Doin' The Best That I Can
  • Sooner Or Later
  • As Long As YouLove Me
  • Crying Out Loud
  • You Made Me

All music and lyrics by Kris Ferris Copyright © 2008, all rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication subject to all applicable laws.

Thanks to These People

It took the help of many people to get this CD made. Click here to read acknowledgements and learn about some of the people who have helped me along the way.