Featured Artist update

While the creative/technical team (uhhhh....that would be Melody and me...hehe) are diligently striving to have Featured Artist segments be ready to view at the beginning of each month, there have been a few challenges along the way. We are figuring things out and getting better at coordinating all the little things it takes to get them recorded, processed and posted on line, along with building photo galleries and blog posts for the web site, among other things. This month's interview with reggae artist "Ramu" has just been filmed and is now in post production, so keep watching for his interview here in the coming days.

I was pleased to meet Ramu ealrier this year at a local reggae festival in Greensboro and to find out he is a songwriter. I have since had some time to get know him and found out more interesting things about him as we chatted during the interview. We all have a story and I am truly enjoying being able to hear artists tell them while also being able to then share them with you. Granted, while what we are able to discover in the time we have is only the tip of the iceberg, it is never-the-less satisfying and informative delving into the minds and hearts of each one.

So, watch for the first segment here at my site soon. I will also make announcements on facebook as subsequent segments are posted to the internet. My deep felt thanks to those of you who are following and watching. I am having such a good time presenting them!