Featured Artist Interview with Matty Sheets

Not so long ago, I wrote a blog out one of the Greensboro area's most authentic and unpretentious musicians, Matty Sheets. It struck me that I had known of him since roughly 1997 and yet knew little about him outside of the brief time our paths crossed back then in the days of "Perks Coffee and More" where we both performed. I would see or hear something about him from time to time, sparking my curiosity. Over the years his name continued to show up attached to a growing list of different creative projects, bands and businesses, including hosting the longest running open mic in the city of Greensboro, NC at The Flatiron. Research for that blog backed up what I had been hearing from different sources. Writing the blog got me wanting to have him as a featured artist, so I reached out to Matty to see what he would say about doing an interview. I guess I don't need to say any more because if you're reading this, you are just about to watch the result.

Though he doesn't take himself too seriously, by the end of the conversation I think it's pretty clear that he has drive, goals - though not too lofty - and ambition, along with a passion for making music with friends. Add to that being a very vocal proponent for musicians from all walks of life and you have one ... Matty Sheets.

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Many thanks to Mike Garrigan for graciously hosting us for this interview at Two Egrets. And to Melody Watson for her inspiration, technical, and blogging expertise.