Featured Artist interview with Crystal Bright

Having just returned to Greensboro from New Orleans, the last stop on her most recent tour, Crystal Bright was kind enough to stop in and share what's been going on lately with her Band "Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands". We start our conversation discussing her upcoming performance at the Showcase of Original Music on Friday Nov. 16th at the Creative Center in Greensboro. The format at the Showcase does not suit full bands, so Crystal talks about how working with a smaller ensemble of musicians compares to that of having a complete band to back her up.

Reading Crystal's bio leads one to believe that this woman is not only multi-talented, but is also sleep-deprived. Between running her band (and that in itself is like having several full-time jobs), writing music, recording, doing videos, teaching, and holistic nutritional counseling - among other things - Crystal barely has time to catch her breath. Still, the drive and determination are apparent in her voice and in the depiction of her day-to-day process of being a working, touring musician.

As the first segment closes, we get into an interesting exchange about some of the creative ways travelling musicians earn extra cash to fund their road adventures, including an activity called "busking" otherwise known to many of you as street performance. I can't tell you how shocked I was to hear Crystal Bright talking about how the band has made as little as $20 for a gig on the road (no that's NOT a typo). This really set the tone for this portion of our interview. We spend a little time talking about venues out of town and here locally and the differences between them while she shares some of the challenges of keeping "The Silver Hands" going.

The conversation moves in yet another direction with my mention of her video "Drowned Out" which won an award at the "Hear NC Video Festival". I was curiuous to know if she liked acting. Her answer leads to an interesting tid bit about her initial intention to be an actress, including studying at UNCG and the eventual change of direction which led her to discover an affinity for Physical Anthropology. She laughingly mentions her fascination at the time with "Indiana Jones" yet notes that she get into Archeology, but instead went the cultural route.

That leads us into hearing about a music video the band has been working on, the release date of which has yet to be determined. I won't give the details away here since Crystal does a much better job of telling what she wants us to know in her description. It is being directed by Ron Royster, the same gentleman who directed their award winning video mentioned above, so it's bound to be good. As we get into the final minutes of our time together, Crystal mentions some shows, such as "Femfest" at Maya Art Gallery, which took place before this could get online and moves right into talking excitedly about the band's appearance at Joe G's "Cover Band Explosion" at the Blind Tiger on December 15th, 2012. And last, but hardly least, Crystal adds that she will be among the cast of " Awake the White and Wintr'y Queen" which will be showing at the Carolina Theater on December 21st, 2012, which just happens to coincide with the last day of the Mayan Calendar, which has had many people talking for quite a long time now and all the more reason you should watch the interview... while you still can!

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Many thanks to Mike Garrigan for graciously hosting us for this interview at Two Egrets. And to Melody Watson for her inspiration, technical, and blogging expertise.