Featured Artist interview with Banana Lazuli

Anna (Banana Lazuli) was fascinating to talk to. She is already a world traveler at a fairly young age, including trips to "Burning Man", where she met and eventually married her "hubby", as she affectionately refers to him.. Her musical and cultural influences are as varied as many of the places she has visited. The daughter of a Peruvian mother and Canadian father, it is no wonder that her world is beautifully colored with may ethnic hues.

We go back to uncover some of her musical influences and it's pretty clear it started with her parents. Then the familar name "Tori Amos" comes up as an influence, as it has with at least two other female artists I have interviewed now. Anna also mentions "Lhasa De'Sela" (now deceased) a lesser known singer here in the US, but very popular in Montreal, Canada, who also played a big part in strengthening her love of music. And there are others...

She also let us know about her interest in linguistics. In fact, she is a researcher studying endangered languages and involved in archiving samples of the same. Now, don't think she doesn't have her more down-to-earth side, because no sooner than she is done talking about that pusuit, she also talks about the collages she makes at home, as if to balance things out. But she's STILL not done, for she then mentions the book she is writing about her travels across the globe to places like India, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay for starters. This woman is well travelled, well read and more deeply involved and engrossed in her music, her creativity, her life, than is outwardly apparent, at least to me.

We moved on to talking about variety in the terms of Banana's interests as this segment got started which became even more apparent as she went into some detail about the types of music she writes herself and is currently involved in recording or collaborating with others to create. Descriptors like experimental pop, world music, electronic dance music flow easily from her and all seem to resonate in her naturally, comfortably. We move on to talk about the project she is doing with Mike Garrigan at Two Egrets Media & Recording later that day in the very studio where we are chatting, as well as her CD which is scheduled for release next year through "Vision Quest Records". I ask her about her long term goals and a European tour is something she is hoping to see come about, as well as openning up for Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands" when they tour in the spring of 2013. It was a great conversation with a lovely person and talented musician.

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Many thanks to Mike Garrigan for graciously hosting us for this interview at Two Egrets. And to Melody Watson for her inspiration, technical, and blogging expertise.