Featured Artist Interview with Annalise Stalls

It's amazing how some things fall into place with suspicious ease, while others take an inordinate amount of time and effort to complete. I discover this reality again and again in the world of music. Such is the case with my interview with saxophonist, composer, arranger and now writer, Annalise Stalls. We were both determined to make it happen, but life and its many unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances was just as determined to throw wrenches into our well made plans. Still, the determination on our side finally won out and we were able to sit down recently to talk.

What strikes me most about Annalise, is that while on the outside she appears shy, unassuming and almost demure, she is also confident, passionate, driven and full of ambition to reach new and higher goals personally and professionally. She seems to manage these contradictory personas comfortably and comes across as quite charming. There is no doubt about her love of music, her desire to stretch its boundaries and achieve even greater success - and pleasure - from writing and performing. She speaks of it in matter-of-fact terms as if it has already been decided and done and I like that vision. As is often the case, when we settled into a rhythm, the conversation grew more comfortable, easy and relaxed which is what I am always hoping for. Enjoy!

Many thanks to anonymous donor for graciously hosting us for this interview and to Melody Watson for her inspiration, technical, and blogging expertise.