Featured Artist follow up - Anna Lazuli 1.3.13


I Thought I would share a little tidbit with those of you who have read my featured artist blog and/or seen the video interviews. One of my recent guests, Anna Lazuli is travelling in connection with another line of work she is passionately involved in. Here is what she had to say about it on facebook:

"On my way to Chile and Peru until the end of the month. Bye for now, guys! I am organizing an event in Chile called "Voces Duraderas: Digital Media for Endangered Languages in Latin America" and you can read about it here."

It is heartening and inspiring to know the kinds of efforts being put forth by passionate people for some truly great causes. There are so many stories like this worth telling and uplifting to hear. Safe journey Anna. Perhaps I can find out more about her trip to share in the weeks to come.

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