What do The South Carolina Broadcasters and Sessions Have In Common?

As I put more of my thoughts, time and efforts into promoting original music and other original creative projects, I am fortunate to be involved with passionate people who have interesting stories. Case in point; not long ago the phone rang and it was one of the handful of friends who have been supporting my efforts since the days of The Showcase. After a few minutes of small talk and catching up on the latest happenings, he broke into a new subject.

bluegrass-old-time-music-trio-the-south-carolina-broadcastersThe South Carolina Broadcasters "A little Mission Band"He said, "There's a bluegrass old-time music group out there that's been making a name for themselves in the region... ever heard of The South Carolina Broadcasters?" he asked, with a tone that seemed to say he knew what my answer would be. I could just imagine the smirk on his face on the other end of the line as he listened to me admit that I had not heard of them. He was all to happy to fill me in.

His answer started with another question."Do you remember a music store here in Greensboro that used to be on Spring Garden Street once upon a time called David Sheppard Instruments and Repair?"

This time I knew the answer. "Of course I do." I replied. " I had work done on my guitar there more than once. I still remember stopping by one day to inquire about something there only to find the store locked up and dark. It was a sad surprise to discover that David had left Greensboro." I told him.

"Well, David Sheppard is a founding member of The South Carolina Broadcasters." my friend added excitedly. "It would be something if you could get them to play here in Greensboro."

Sessions-coffee-artisan-beer-and-fine-wine-shopSessionsAs we continued talking I was already making connections in my brain. Interestingly enough only days before, I had been in a discussion with Allen Tyndall, owner of "Sessions" - a relatively new coffee shop, artisan beer and fine wine bar in Greensboro - about the possibility of collaborating on an event and he was very enthused, asking that I present him with ideas. Now here is where the story gets a little more interesting. Sessions is located at 1820 Spring Garden Street in Greensboro. There's nothing remarkable about that until you look into David Sheppard's past and realize that it is the very same building that housed his music store many years ago!

I explained the connection to my friend on the phone and his voice came back even more excited "Well...there ya go!"

The convergence of these facts and the opportunity presenting itself for me to possibly put these two pieces together had my mind racing. Though I like my friend and was impressed with his intuition about the band and let him go on a bit more about a show with them, I couldn't wait for our conversation to wrap up so I could call Allen Tyndall immediately. Which I did. And the result? After filling Allen in on the history that his new venture shared with The South Carolina Broadcasters, he was 100% behind making it happen. And we did, or should I say we will, on October 5th. I like being able to say I had a part in creating what will be a very special event with opening act Nikki Talley.