The Talk Of Teronus - Season 1

Armed with iPhones, a laptop, cameras, and lots of enthusiasm, we arrived at the Megatone Amps "Tone Lounge" in Greensboro in June of 2013 to record the first 3 segments of the new show, with another 3 to be filmed at a future date. Things evolved pretty organically, ideas flowing out of the experience of live recording as well as plans and concepts created away from the scene. The basic goal was to get a 15-30 minute show, consisting of an interview, with some schtick or vignettes interspersed and then get down to the music portion to close out. It all looked good on paper, but was hardly the well-oiled machine conceptualized. You can't get that many creative people all in one space and have things go like clock work... trust me.

Each episode was a learning experience and a crazy good time over the course of a Sunday afternoon, shooting 3 segments in roughly 4 - 6 hours. We all left tired and yet excited about what was recorded that day. Then came the work of editing and posting online, which was a learning opportunity in itself and not without a few glitches here and there. But we managed to stay pretty close to our plan of posting 1 new show each month.

Season 1 featured the following guests:

  • Martha Bassett
  • Wally West
  • Rob Slater
  • Roger Kohrs
  • Max Drake
  • Scott Sawyer