The Search For Balance Continues


I am gaining a much deeper respect for anyone who has started their own business, especially those doing it the way I am with very little prior knowledge and on a shoestring budget. These two distinctions translate into much more time and effort, and were not foreseen in the heat of the moment of birthing my new business adventure called "The Collabative".

image by birgerkingMind you I am not complaining. No, this is merely stating facts that have come from my newly focused observations and experience on this side of the business world. Intellectually I know that it will get easier as time goes on, but physically and emotionally I have to catch myself when I start feeling overwhelmed. Then there is the whole personal struggle with balancing this current - though unintentional - obsession, with the other parts of my life as a partner in a relationship, a father, a working musician and hopefully a reliable friend to others. Quite frankly the scales have been tipped heavily towards The Collabative these days and little signs of that are cropping up in conversations and manifesting in stress, fatigue and even sickness of late. This new "child" of mine is demanding lots of time and attention which is hardly a surprise. What is a surprise is how easily one can become fixated on something to the point of  excluding other equally important things.

So, it is time to assess, refocus and make finding balance a priority yet again. Truth be told I am sure it is a lack of patience and a caving in to ego (mostly) mixed with a genuine passion for making a meaningful contribution to the local creative community. Collectively they have led me to believe I have to do great things quickly in order to be considered "successful".  This of course is not true and I know it. Still that knowledge has not kept me from trying to over achieve. So, the search continues but I don't think I will look for balance the way our friend on the left is attempting to however.

In my mind I imagine we ALL struggle with achieving balance. Do you agree? Is that your experience?