The New Adventure: Launching The Collabative

I am going to tell you the name of my new venture and YOU are going to say one of three things. "You spelled it wrong", or... "Huh?", or... "Hey, that's catchy; I like it!" It's okay if you're in one of the first two camps because I don't mind explaining. First the name. "The Collabative". Now the explanation and it's a simple one. The name comes from combining two words, collaborate and creative (Collab / ative). 

This new adventure is evolving from my experience with The Showcase of Original Music, which I've mentioned here before. The Creative Center, the non profit organization which hosted The Showcase was recently dissolved. The team behind the scenes that put on the shows have begun pursuing individual interests. As one of the founders, I held much interest in seeing that something continue based on the original intention of promoting local original music. After much thought, discussion, pondering, planning and choice-making, "The Collabative" was born on paper through several massive mind mapping sessions.

So, these last few weeks have been my cannon ball dive into the waters of business ownership (I'll tell you about my company another time,) and building a dream from scratch. Thank Heavens for Melody Watson, the woman who is helping me, for without her loving care, support, endless time, effort and Pollyanna outlook (don't cringe, we joke about it light-heartedly on a regular basis) as well as her computer savvy, I would probably just curl up in a fetal position on my couch and pull a blanket over my head. Not true, but certainly a tempting thought.

There's more to say about what we are visualizing than can be covered easily or completely in one blog, so for the moment, I will share some links which you may explore when you have time. I will talk more here about what we are doing as things progress. It's exciting (Melody will be glad I used that word; she uses it routinely and seems perplexed that I don't, as well,) birthing a dream and yet, if I were the nail biting type, there'd be nothing left to chew on right now... heh.

Check Out These Links: