The musician's life...venues / McPhersons Bar & Grill

In this technology driven world we live in, it seems that "links", be they cyber or otherwise are the keys to building awareness and attracting a customer base (or an audience in the performer's view). You can find lots of musicians and businesses linking themselves for this very reason. What you don't see (or should I say...I don't see) are venues talking much about their entertainment, OR artists talking much about the places where they perfrom. With that in mind, I thought I might take a stab at changing that situation, at least on my part. There are currently several establishments I play on a regular basis, so, I had to take a moment and think about which one should be first. Since they are all fine places and have their own unique character, I chose McPhersons Bar & Grill, based on the fact that I have the longest running history with them.

Tucked away in the Adams Farm Shopping Center on High Point Road, you have to scan the facade for their name for a second to find them. As you enter, you you pass the patio tables and chairs which are great for those who want to dine outside or smoke their tobacco products (which is why you are seeing more and more patios popping up at any venue that has the space and budget to do so). Going through the front door, you enter a world of televison screens (even a HUGE screen on stage), bright neon signs and tasteful, not over done decor. You ARE in a sports bar/restaurant after all. Still, there is a bit of a "homey" (no not THAT kind of homey) feel to the place. The staff are happy, friendly, courteous and quite attentive to cusomers needs. Allen, one of the two new owners who I have had most of my dealings with is very amiable and always chatting with guests, intent on their having a good time and leaving happy. You may have seen some pics of me hamming it up with Taylor Ridge on Facebook recently. Taylor is one of two night managers I have the pleasure of knowing and working with. His very kind words about me were included in a blog here as a matter of fact  The other night manager Clayton is a personable guy, but all business when it comes to his role and attitude about what he does, yet every now and then you can catch a smile on his face.

The thing that makes McPhersons stand out to me, is the "Cheers" type atmosphere that prevails there embodied in the cast of "regulars" that have made it their place of choice (think of the song "Piano Man"..for instance where Billy Joel references some "regulars" in his song). The list is too long to include here, but let me just say it is full of interesting, intriguing, warm, personable people. There is something reassuring and comfortable about getting on stage, scanning the room and seeing familair faces with whom you can interact and who, week after week STILL love you and appreciate you. Some of the people I am speaking of here made a point on more than one occasion of talking me up to the management, enough that they finally called me and invited me back after an almost 3 year hiatus. It is people like that who make what I do that much better. To them I am personally and hugely thankful.

I'd love to be able to tell you all about the food, but I seem to be stuck on the chef's salad when I get hungry..hehe, but it's GOOD! I do know that there has been lots of time and effort put into creating a menu full of delicious foods and I have never heard anyone complain about a bad meal. I am sure you can find an adequate selection of beers, wines, or mixed drinks to quench your thirst. There are sports events galore and they might even change a channel for you if you have something particular you came to see. For those who go for them,there are even some electronic distractions ( I have even seen Corn Hole being played outside from time to time.

Put all that together with live entertainment ( I play every other Thursday night typically, so check my calendar here at my web site, or friend me on Facebook and watch for event notices there) or karaoke several nights a week... there is little else one could ask for. If you haven't been out to visit them, I hope you will make a point of doing so. Small business (AND musicians like me) thrive on the support of patrons and their word of mouth advertising (I like that stuff too!...hint, hint). See you soon!