The musician's life...venues / Bistro 150

The heart and soul of any business rests in the owner/s and filters down through his / her / their employees accordingly. Randy Floss, owner of Bistro 150, has crafted a unique blend of restaurant and coffee shop and his influence can be seen in every aspect of the day-to-day operation. Whether it is the food cooked from scratch by talented chef Freddie M., the selection of tasty desserts, fine coffees, or the list of popular beers and wines, right down to the decor which gives the place a little bit of a European atmosphere, Randy's "touch" is ever present.

You can smell the food cooking as you walk in the door which prompts many to stop and observe it being prepared through the plexiglass window that allows viewing of the "kitchen". That kitchen is a busy place almost from the minute the door opens till well into the night. The menu is full of dishes that please the palate. Quite a few recipes have been created & tested on the premises finding their way to the menu having received rave reviews from diners.

The staff, from that talented chef I just spoke of, down to those who take the orders and deliver food to the tables are all personable and knowledgeable and see to both their customers and their responsibilities with a smile. You never know, the person delivering your food or glass of wine may be Randy himself, or his charming wife Vicki, even his son puts in his share of time.

As a singer / songwriter, I have to commend Randy for his support, not only of "live" music, but for his appreciation of original music as well. Any given night on the music schedule, you may hear many songs you know and love already along with pieces written by the performers themselves. There are only a handful of venues locally that share this distinction. Following the philosophy of variety and quality, you will hear excellent music from many genres performed by talented artists each week. Randy also strives to introduce at least one new performer each month too. My hat's off to him!

So, if you like a place that is predictably consistant with it's quality, care and appreciation of it's customers while continuously trying new things along the way, then Bistro 150 should be on YOUR list, if it's not already. I hope the next time your are scanning my performance schedule and you see I will be there that you will join me. Oh, and when you do, tell Randy how you read about him here. See you soon!