The musician's life...reflections

I am feeling reflective today and having the need to look back over this year now, rather than around New Years, when most people might do so. Maybe it's because the third Friday of the month, which would usually be Showcase day (if it weren't for Christmas being right around the corner) has just passed and I am only now realizing how much my body has gotten into that rhythm. Maybe it's all the talk of 12/12/12, or 12/21/12 and the Mayan calendar. Or perhaps it is just my own simple need to assess.

Back in February of this year, when talk of putting together an open mic for original music came about, it was, at that time, mostly a way of helping the Creative Center's director Sue Sassman bring live music into the fold of other creative talents housed there. It was also a chance to give something back to the community and therefore important and intriguing to me on a personal level. I went into it with exuberance and passion believing it could be something very good, but without being sure just how. There has been a lot of experimenting and adapting along the way. It has improved consistently this year thanks to a team of dedicated people who all hold their own belief in the possibilities. Being part of the collective process has been a rewarding experience. The first two events for next year have been scheduled which makes looking forward tempting, but there's lots to do right here and now, so I will do my best to focus on this moment.

My careers are undergoing some shifting and reinventing as well. I am at present living almost entirely off income from my music gigs. That is exhilarating and terrifying simultaneously. I had been quite involved as a handyman during the day and comfortably busy there. 2012 has seen the opportunities dwindle to small, odd jobs at random intervals. But, I have ALWAYS called myself a musician first, so living that lifestyle fits me more than most. I started my "Featured Artist" series and my "Inspirations" blogs as a way of doing something for others. They are the result of a new outlook and focus in my life. One which I am very much enjoying. I am doing my best to hold a positive and clear vision of the life I desire. The only thing certain in life is CHANGE, so I am opening myself up to embracing that concept and going with the flow of things ever more peacefully, happily, thankfully.

That could not be more true than in the realm of relationships. This year has been one filled with new faces. Being involved with the Showcase and having it housed at the Creative Center has provided the opportunity for me to meet lots of new talented and wonderful people. Many of them I now call friends. I have also been fortunate to discover that my defenses could be breached by the right woman and that I could have a serious relationship despite having all but convinced myself to the contrary. It is reassuring to know the heart is still capable of love, when you thought it wasn't. She and I call it a "Big Love". With big love comes big challenges and we have met each one so far with compassion, patience and our own brand of faith. Every day is a new chance to do it better. 

So, I have nothing but gratitude for all that has come my way this year. Whatever is not serving me well is fading away. New people, new purposes and desires are lighting the path to follow. Though I may doubt myself or my ability to "make good" on what I am blessed with, I have NO doubt that I am where I should be and doing exactly what is meant for me to be doing. I hope you can say the same about your life. Now, it's back to that "one foot in front of the other" process. Happy Holidays!!