Talk Of Teronus

Wezo and Drave; photo by Bob Powell

Wezo and Drave; photo by Bob Powell

In early 2013, The Collabative was approached by Dave Fox, a local music professor at Greensboro college as well as an extremely talented and versatile musician in his own right, about producing an online interview and performance show. The premise was the two hosts - "Wezo" a.k.a. Mike Wesolowski - a blues harpist with several area bands including Blues World Order and The Luxuriant Sedans, along with "Drave" a.k.a. Dave Fox - known for the Dave Fox Group and The Meldavians among others, would bring in many of the better known musicians from the Triad and beyond, sitting down to chat with them first, then getting into some serious music making as well.

The gist of the show revolves around Wezo and Drave, who just happen to hail from the mysterious and little known planet of Meldavia, somewhere out there in the galaxy. They have been camping out here on earth, infiltrating the music scene to learn all they can about human music to bring back to their home planet. Their tag line "It's all about us!" is but one piece of evidence as to the show's focus.

Join Meldavian Hosts "Wezo & Drave" as they engage in lively conversations with Musicians from the Triad area of North Carolina from The "Tone Lounge" at Mega Tone Amps in Greensboro,NC. Once the chat is over, they get down to the serious business of jamming on a tune with their guests.

So far it has run 3 years, though it remains to be seen if it will continue after its current hiatus while Dave concentrates on the production of the next "Healing Blues" project. The Collabative is grateful to Wezo & Drave for letting us be part of the fun and when it is decided what happens next, you'll hear about it here.

In the meantime, if you haven't seen any or all the shows, now is a good time to get caught up!