Inspirations... Ogi Overman

Yep, that's Ogi!"Aha moments" come at odd times, sometimes late in the game and can leave one feeling a bit embarrassed by that fact. Such is the case with the man I speak of here. I have known Ogi Overman for some 12+ years now. In that time, I have observed a man of consistent character and unwavering belief in and support of the "Creative Class". I have watched him give his time, talents and seemingly boundless energy to furthering the awareness and promotion of the same. There is a saying "Success is doing big things in little ways". You won't see any grandstanding, or chest beating in this man's style. No, you will get exactly what you see, well... depending on which outfit or tie (which have become trademarks) you happen to observe him wearing on any given occasion. There is nothing pretentious or presumptuous about Ogi. He is a genuine and loveable character who can mix a smile and a curse word like nobody's business. He is intelligent, quick-witted and well-informed. He's a lady's man, at least for the camera. Ask any of the gaggle of women you can find posed arm-in-arm with him in photos. He's a devoted and loving husband. Ask the woman he has spent much of his life with and cared for in ways many don't even begin to comprehend, like me. He is a gifted writer. Ask anyone who has read "Yes Magazine" or any of the other publications that have run many of his stories. Most of all, he is the same person in the eyes of all of these people. That alone is enough to pay tribute to.

Perhaps it's the nudging of things like a recent excerpt of an article written by (Maureen) Lyla Lynch, for "Simply Elevate" magazine (watch for the article on Ogi here) that has helped me see the fineness of this man clearer than ever. Or... maybe it has been the sudden realization that he has been supporting ME quietly behind the scenes all these years. Furthermore, it is possible that I have reached a place of deeper understanding and recognition of what is truly meaningful about the contributions people make to our lives. Ogi and I don't regularly hang out like close friends do, or debate politics, or worship under one roof or even compare musical tastes with any regularity. But we still connect and we do share a passion for creating a more open and accepting atmosphere for the arts in general and original music more specifically.

I would tip my hat to you if I wore one Ogi. I'd wear a tie in your honor if I knew how to tie one... heh. In lieu of that kind of homage, I will just say that knowing and observing you Ogi,  has been an inspiration for me which I am only now fully grasping. And all I can say is thank you.

I am not saying anything new about Mr. Overman. In fact, you may find similarities between what I have said here and things mentioned about him in the past. For me, it is just reaching the moment of seeing clearly the value of the example he has unknowingly set in my mind, then realizing that being true to one's self is one of the greatest gifts to offer the world and worth a few words of acknowledgement.