AM rOdeO a.k.a. Evan Olson & Jessica Mashburn

I am not going to lie to you, or try for even a minute to lead you to believe I know Evan or Jessica personally. That would be a lie and a disservice. That doesn't mean I can't speak with at least reasonable surety about them through my own observations...right? I think so.

singer-songwriter-evan-olsonEvan OlsonI arrived in Greensboro as a transplant, moving here to take a position with a printing company as a warehouse manager (boy, those were the days...heh). The only person I knew in this whole town was the guy who hired me and honestly, I am having trouble remembering his name. It was May of 1994. As a musician, I was immediately curious about the local live music scene and started exploring within days of arriving. Among the names "on the street" back then was Evan Olson. And then came "Bus Stop" a few years later. The rest of Evan's story can be seen and

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