What do The South Carolina Broadcasters and Sessions Have In Common?

As I put more of my thoughts, time and efforts into promoting original music and other original creative projects, I am fortunate to be involved with passionate people who have interesting stories. Case in point; not long ago the phone rang and it was one of the handful of friends who have been supporting my efforts since the days of The Showcase. After a few minutes of small talk and catching up on the latest happenings, he broke into a new subject.

bluegrass-old-time-music-trio-the-south-carolina-broadcastersThe South Carolina Broadcasters "A little Mission Band"He said, "There's a bluegrass old-time music group out there that's been making a name for themselves in the region... ever heard of The South Carolina Broadcasters?" he asked, with a tone that seemed to say he knew what my answer would be. I could just imagine the smirk on his face on the other end of the line as he listened to me admit that I had not heard of them. He was all to happy to fill me in.

His answer started with another question."Do you remember a music store here in Greensboro that used to be on Spring Garden Street once upon a time called David Sheppard Instruments and Repair?"

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