Inspirations / Skye

a picture of Skye Trull playing piano and singing for the Showcase of Original MusicSkye at the pianoOne can only imagine what goes through the mind of a 13 year old girl on any given day. Now, plop her down in the middle of a room full of people several times her age, not to mention that some are musicians who have preceded, or will follow her on stage. Then, contemplate the fact that she has come to perform music she has written herself in front of this group, perhaps for the first time. This particular girl's name is Skye Trull. She showed up Friday Nov. 16th, 2012 for the last Showcase of the year. 

As John Paul McNeil, the host of the Showcase announced her, I watched Skye walk tentatively to the piano and sit nervously flipping through the pages of a well worn spiral notebook that obviously held many of her creations, to find the piece she had chosen to play. Her voice was hesitant and choppy betraying her nervousness as I asked her to check her mic. I too felt nervous for her and was catapulted back to my own teen years and brought face to face momentarily with some still vivid experiences with stage fright. As she began her song the room grew still.

One of the beautiful things about the "Showcase of Original Music" is

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These Days

    In 2008 I released my first CD of original music titled “Private Passion”. I felt very satisfied and fulfilled to have completed it. I said I was not attached to how it was received, but the fact that it took 2 years to sell the 250 copies I had made was a real wake up call, though not right away. Even as I spouted all the “no attachment” stuff, I was let down by the response it got and realized that I had higher hopes for it boosting my career than I was willing to admit. I have been analyzing and reevaluating my perceptions and expectations surrounding my music and song writing ever since. Still I kept writing more songs and started recording my second CD during 2010 / 2011 and into this year. I found myself in the midst of the project and my ambition and enthusiasm waning. So,
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