If I only had something to say.

cartoon-image-from-hugh-macleod-gapingvoid.comCartoon by Hugh MacLeod at gapingvoid.comFor a while it seemed, you could hardly shut me up and I had so many things I wanted to blog about. I guess the really important thoughts and feelings made it to print, but you might be surprised at how much of what I wrote ended up being discarded for one reason or another. It's sort of like the process of cleaning out and organizing one's desk let's say, or any cluttered space. I had let things pile up in my head (that cluttered space which I just described) to the point that when that wonderful lady Melody put the world of blogging at my fingertips, I had my chance to let it all spill out on paper and sort through the blather - hopefully thoroughly enough - so as to post things that were not totally self serving, chaotic or quite frankly boring, and had something worthwhile to impart. But then, that is for the reader to decide.

image-for-the-collabative.comThe new businessOver the last few weeks, while consumed with getting my new business underway, the words and thoughts in my head (what I would consider to be of a meaningful nature) just do not exist in a quantity... or be of a quality... that makes sharing them a burning desire or necessity. Perhaps I have said all I need to say, who knows?. One thing I do know is that I have been dwelling on my lack of words and believing it to be some sort of short-coming and so I am here to tell you I am letting go of that burden. If I had an audience clamoring for my musings it would be a different story. For now, I can relax and be in my moments, when they happen, and share them if I am moved to, or not and if you are following along, I hope the sporadic nature will not disappoint you.

quote-by-novelist-george-eliotQuote from novelist George Eliot @ QuoteHD.comAll this to tell you,  there's a lot going on in my world and in my head, but the stuff swirling around in here right now is not for public consumption. Trust me, you don't really want to see or know...heh. You can talk amongst yourselves, start a pool and take bets on when my next installment might show up, or any number of other creative distractions you'd like to employ to amuse yourselves. I'll be back and maybe even have something to say!

P.S. Clever of me to include images with opposing thoughts on my subject don't you think? It's apparent I did not listen to George Eliot... (grin).