Washburn SBF80: The hunt for information

Me and my Washburn SBF-80Many months ago as I started my blog, one of the subjects I covered was the make and model of the guitar I currently use most when I perform, which is a Washburn SBF80. Since posting about it, Google search queries have brought many people to my site on a regular basis, telling me that there are some folks out there, like myself, who would like to know a lot more about this guitar. I have since gone on my own web search for pertinent information, only to find, or should I say, NOT FIND, much. Here's what I encountered, followed by what bits of information I did manage to uncover.

Sites like Ebay, Craigslist, or music outlets that sell used instruments only had basic info about the SBF80, usually provided by the person selling it. Wikipedia has no listing for the SBF series (which included an earlier model SBF24) in its current writeup of the Washburn Guitar Company's history. When you google "Washburn SBF80" you get all sorts of forums and ad listings and music store listings. Again, all with

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